Cric - Consorzio Romano Interpreti di Conferenza

Building bridges

Roma: Castel S. AngeloRivers of misunderstanding, obscurity and uncertainty separate the languages of the world. One can go some way to making oneself understood by gesturing through the fog from one bank to the other or by casting out simple messages. But in order to get all the way across you need to find a real BRIDGE.

That is what we provide at Cric. Getting messages across the language divide is something  we specialise in: we have been leaders in the conference interpretation business since 1988 and we provide our clients with a full range of  services for all kinds of conferences and meetings - whatever the size and whatever the subject.
And we can provide you with assistance in covering your language needs from the planning phase right up to the last minute of your event.

valore aggiuntoWith nearly 50 members, CRIC is the largest group of international conference interpreters in Italy.
All of our members also belong to AIIC, the only world-wide association of conference interpreters.  CRIC can provide thorough, clear and effective answers to your requirements as only a group of real specialists can.

Our language skills and experience in the field of multi-lingual communications will add an extra layer of quality to your events. Consorzio Romano Interpreti di Conferenza: our business is building bridges - with words.

CRIC: Communicating in the Global Village



Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence

Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence