AIIC: What it is

AIIC is the only worldwide association for conference interpreters. Founded in 1953, it brings together more than 2800 professional conference interpreters in over 250 cities in over 90 countries.

Language and languages are at the heart of international communication. The possibility to say exactly what one wants to say in one’s own language and to understand perfectly what others are saying is a basic right. AIIC plays a central role in guaranteeing this right by working with all types of users to match supply to demand. AIIC promotes the profession of conference interpretation in the interest of both users and practitioners by setting high standards, promoting sound training practices and fostering professional ethics.

Membership in AIIC is achieved by peer review through a system of sponsorship. By entering the association, members make a commitment to respect AIIC’s stringent Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.

The association aims to represent the profession as a whole and to act on behalf of all conference interpreters. By expanding membership, especially in parts of the world where the profession is now growing rapidly, and by staying abreast of relevant developments AIIC aims to contribute to the overall good of the community of interpreters.

AIIC: What it does

  • AIIC negotiates collective agreements with major international organizations governing terms and conditions of employment, stays abreast of market developments, works to represent all conference interpreters in international institutions, sets standards in close cooperation with normative bodies like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and provides expert guidance to architects designing conference centres.

  • AIIC promotes professional excellence and defends working conditions and

supports best practice in training through its survey of interpreting schools and sponsorship of continuing education courses

AIIC keeps a close eye on new technologies and responds appropriately to the challenges and opportunities they present (e.g video and tele-conferencing).

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Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence

Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence